Zilluk’s second stage

It is the truth. I am a lazy person. See my last post. Its on February!!! And now its May!!!! How can I be a webmaster like this?? Even a single blog is a tough job for me?? T-T…

My world is so hectic these days…I’m going to college within this month after a 5 month break…I hope I do not get a big shock for suddenly studying…

I love to write when there is something for me to tell. Now here it is….

Hmmm….what I like to share is this article…See that….Isn’t it cool?? It really looks invisible!!! I wish there is a container house project in my country….T-T

If in my last post I have told about my fave. car (see last post for reference)…then this post I would like to share about my dream house!!!! I know its from containers. Usually, only homeless people live in containers. But looks at the houses!!! The interior is so nice. I think it is so unique!! >.<

I also saw a video about a 2-year-old genius. Did you see that video?? One thing I am wondering is how do you actually measure people IQ. From the video, what I can deduced is the girl knows a lot about the world. Then, everyone can be geniuses like that right? You only have to read more about the world then you can be a genius. In my country there is also a genius. And everyone acknowledge him. He is very young but he can solve college level mathematical problems. Its not that I don’t acknowledge the girl. Its just I thought that we should measure people IQ by how a person solve a problem. The way somebody thinks. Isn’t it supposed to be like that?

I dunno myself. Am I just jealous because the girl is a part of Mensa for someone so young?? Maybe its that. One of my dream is to join Mensa. I think it is very cool. I think I am clever. But genius?? dunno >.<. But there is a promising future for the girl. She is only a 2-year-old and she knows many things already. I hope her parents really keep grooming her so that she will be someone in the future.

Hmmm…I think thats all I want to share today. I know it has been awhile since my last post. I hope I can be more consistent in writing posts so that I can start doing my special project for sure and for real. Wish me luck >.<.


It is another exciting day. Doing my online routine as usual, I started with reading the Yahoo headlines. Did you see THE CAR??? Oh God!!! For someone who don’t plan to drive, Aptera 2e- really changed my mind. Can any car be cooler than that?? I’m not interested in cars as I get bored with the design. Most car doesn’t have much difference, really. Anyway, as I am waiting for my driver license, I know that this car is on my wishlist. I hope I get too buy that car >-<.

Somehow after that, my hands found today’s newspaper. I don’t really read newspaper. It’s more like flipping, really. Among hundreds of articles in that paper, I read less than 10 articles. >-<….

Interesting things in that paper:

1. A lady named Alia Saibur (sorry Alia if I got your name wrong >-<) catch my attention. Why so? She is only 19 years old!!! Hello, anyone?? 19 year old lady and already a proffesor?? Wow!!! It’s one of the coolest thing that can happen to a human being, really. Like most people, I am impressed with her and a little bit jealous of course. But the truth dawn, you can not go back in time and try to be like her. Time travelling is a crime in my perspective. That is where your children comes in. Children do not know what best for them, thus making the role of adults prominent in shaping them. As an adult, you can groom your child. They will thank you for it.

How to groom your child:

  • Reading is vital in any education. With reading, one can widened one’s perspective. Truth: not everyone loves reading. To make your children love to read, you must cultivate good reading habits in them. Have a small library inside the house. Read bed time storybooks for them before they go to sleep. Don’t forget to buy lots of children books too!!! ^-^ Encyclopedias are also a great choice.
  • Non-academic education. Examples: ballet class, drawing class, music class and etcetra. School sometimes can be too formal. With non-academic education, your children is actually enjoying to learn without realising. Besides that, these type of education can give benefits to your children. They teach moral values like consistence, alertness, hardworking and so on.
  • Sports. Introduce sports to your children. If you are into sport yourself, get your children to play the same sport. This will toughen the bond between you and your children. Most sports teach how to socialise with people which can actually help your children’ communincation skills.
  • Now, you have settled the three things but the fourth thing is the most important of them all. Without the fourth thing, all the three things will be a waste. Can you guess what is it?? It is spiritual. With strong spiritual combined with the three things above, your children will be a wholesome person. If you believe in something, get your children to believe in the same thing. Spiritual means here get totally into your beliefs. You should believe in your beliefs 100 %. Do things that you must do. Everything. Don’t left anything out. If you don’t do many of them, try to do things one-by-one. Doing all those things suddenly can give a shock to your body. Believe me. My message: Spiritual everyone!!!

2. An underage boy who is now a father. He is only 13 for crying out loud!!!!  Isn’t it mad?? What century do we live in, anyway?? This might not be weird in the old days but the current time we are in?? Life doesn’t get simpler somehow even how hard we try to make it simple. Having a child nowadays is no joke, seriously. Everyone spends about thousands just on a single child. And now, a 13-year-old boy who does not earn a cent and does not even have a steady job is a father?? This news to me is very shocking but I am not putting the blame on the child. He is  still considered a child as he is only 13. On this scenario, I’m putting the blame 100% on the parents.

Seriously what is his parent doing anyway?? Are they on their right mind?? The father actually said that he is so proud that his son starts to be responsible instead of playing games……Hello?? There are many ways to instill responsibility, you know? And playing games are normal regardless of age. He is insulting the people behind those games. They are adults too. Its not that the idea is too wrong. If the family are billionaires, seriously I do not mind much. Maybe the parents can support their grandchildren now, but what if both of them went on a trip somewhere and suddenly died due to plane crash or somthing. What will happen to the baby??? I seriously do not care that much about the other people inside the story, I just worry about the newborn. Babies can’t even talk, you know. T-T

What intrigued me most, is how the boy-made-his-girlfriend-pregnant-due-to-unprotected-sex incident happened. I read the incident happened at night…Don’t the public get any ideas about this. It means the parents does not take care of him well. The place?? I do not know. I do not know the true original story. I’m dechiphering the information that is given to me. True parents will make sure their children sleep on time not let their child wandering off somewhere or doing something else at night. I pitied the boy so much. His parents must have not giving him much attention. It is a child abuse act in my perspective. I hope the government of the country where the boy lived do something about this and not let this kinds of incidents become a trend and a new epidemic.


After about a year (A year!!!!???) Yup, really a year. I decided to make a comeback. Actually, I’ve registered this blog for a long time already after dicontinuing my used-to-be website zilluk. Anyway, hope I get used to blogging. Wish me the best of luck people!!! >-<